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JournalTouch provides a touch-optimized interface for browsing current jounal tables of contents in Responsive Design. Fun!

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JournalTouch provides a touch-optimized, responsive interface for browsing current journal table-of-contents.

See latest changelog version 0.4.2: JournalTouch Version 0.4.



  1. Make sure you have Apache and PHP available. Nothing else is needed
  2. Be aware that much of the fun is with showing covers. But we don't (really) know freely available sources. JournalTocs Premium offers cover links, yet is not free. With version 0.4 JournalTouch introduces a way to easily download covers. But make sure to read the disclaimer in the admin menu very carefully - you might lack legal rights to use it at all.

Quick Start

  1. Create a free JournalTocs account. While not strictly required, it is highly recommended.
  2. Download JournalTouch (e.g. by clicking "Download ZIP", upper right on this page).
  3. Extract to your Apache webfolder. Make sure the data folder and its subfolders are writable by the webserver (e.g. the user/group www-data under Ubuntu).
  4. Go to and set enter your JournalTocs mail there (you also should make sure this folder is secured, e.g. by using a htaccess).
  5. Edit data/cover/journals.csv (text editor or e.g. Libre Office calc). In a text editor each semicolon represents a column separator. Print-ISSNs must be in column six (five semicolons before), E-ISSN go in column 6 (six semicolons before). There are no column headers, but you can refer to the config.php file and check the $cfg->csv_col variables to see what goes where. Yet, you only really need the ISSNs to get started, although we recommend adding the journal title too, e.g. if it can't be found online.
  6. Go again to Under "Update options" click "Start" and wait. You journals.csv will get updated.
  7. Go to and be happy
  8. IF you are happy, set a cronjob to call daily or use if you want to update covers too (Settings menu or release infos for 0.4 for more infos)
    1. Example Cronjob: wget -O - -q -t 1 "" >/dev/null 2>&1


Current version: This is JournalTouch Version 0.4.2

We're using the git-flow project structure, so the master branch always holds the latest stable released version of this project. Work towards the next release happens on the develop branch. For more information, please refer to the Wiki


@copyright 2015-2016 MPI for Research on Collective Goods, Library (Contact: and

@author Alexander Krug (Maintainer)

@author Tobias Zeumer

@author Daniel Zimmel

License: GPL version 3 or higher

Live Demo

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The documentation for this project lives on the wiki, please continue reading there.